What's In a Beauty Blogger's Purse?

Those who know me really well know they can find almost everything inside my purse, and now with a toddler, I even carry toys lol.

But sometimes I ask myself: Should I really have all this stuff in my purse? Sometimes we have things that we don't need at all, and there are other things that we will need at a certain moment. This is why you have to make a list of the things that are important to you to make it through the day while you are away from home. I know that this may sound a little dramatic, but believe me, is true.

I think all depends on your personality and the place you are going to, your everyday routine, your job, etc.; so what's inside a purse or a bag may vary according to each person, but here's a list of the top things I personally consider should be inside every purse (at least mine):

  • Sunscreen. For me this is very important, no matter where I go, sunny or cloudy, there is a sunscreen in my purse. I love this one because is easy to apply if you are on-the-go, it is so refreshing, perfect for hot days, and is not greasy at all!
  • Beauty bag. My on-the-go essentials: Pressed powder, blush, eyebrows brush, mascara, concealer, lipstick, bobby pins, hair brush, bloating papers (for your face). It doesn't matter if you have dry skin like me, you can have a “shinny face” during the day; so if you are going to re-apply your makeup at anytime you will need one of these to take off oil and shine of your face.
  • Buble gum, water bottle, ziplock bag with truvia, instant coffee and tea bags (celestial seasonings is my favorite) and snacks, because you never know when you’re going to get hungry lol. I always have with me like 2-3 different snacks.
  • Hand cream, hand sanitizer (I like this one because is alcohol-free), Kleenex, acetaminophen.
  • Planner, It doesn't matter how much I like technology I just love planners. Sun glasses, Wallet, mini ring light for my phone.

Ohh, I almost forgot, sometimes I have my iPad and a book with me.

You don't have to carry a suitcase to keep all these stuff with you lol;  It is all about being organized and prepared :)