Art of Brilliance UnGala & Gabriela Designs

During my Senior year of High School, I was visiting with my aunt and expressed how upset I was about never having the opportunity to wear ball-gowns or fancy dresses again. Boys and girls, I was quite wrong. With so many incredible events happening year round, I've now worn more gowns and dresses in the last year than I did in my awkward high-school years. I may not have grown out of being awkward, but I certainly learned to grow into designer gowns. I'm excited to write about this post because Kelsey and I both had the opportunity to feel like Belle's of the Ball/Un-Gala with designs from local couture designer, Gabriela Martinez. We recently volunteered at this years CultureHaus Art of Brilliance Un-Gala. This networking and charity event brought together Denver's young philanthropist group and provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of glitz, glam, and designer gowns.

I had rented a Gabriela gown from State of Style Denver, for another event and knew that I wanted to see what else she had in her closet for both Kelsey and I. We headed to her home-studio for a fitting where we both had the opportunity to try on a number of gowns.


But a silver jumpsuit?!??! Yes! Kelsey rocked this bold jumpsuit and shined bright like a diamond.

gabrieladesigns_0002 gabrieladesigns_0003

In the end, I chose the boldly printed jersey-knit gown that swept the floor. This incredibly comfortably gown provided warmth on a cold night in Denver...and even hid my leg warmers. (In case you didn't know, maxi dresses also hide pajama pants #neverbecoldagain)

We both had a great night volunteering with CultureHaus, viewing the Cartier Brilliant Exhibit (check it out before March 17th), eating a number of ring pops, all while looking spectacular in our Gabriela Designs.

Be Brilliant.



Gowns by Gabriela Designs Denver | Photography by Kelsey Bigelow Photography of Studio9720