Amy Cabrera - Lotti Clothing

This driven designer is fueled by the desire to impact her community, and improve the problem areas in clothing that give all of us ladies frustration. Ever since the Barbie days, Amy has had a creative knack for designing clothing. She was a designer from day one; from creating Barbie ball gowns to life size works of art, Amy has always been passionate about fashion. To this day, she still uses the same process as she did in her early years; first finding the fabric, analyzing the weight and characteristics, and then coming up with a stunning design. image



Can you give a brief description of your line, Lotti Clothing?

“I design by asking questions. What are the problem areas for women and how do I fix it. I like to think of myself as a clothing engineer. This line is all about fit and fabric. Every piece will either be bold in color, print or texture. I want it to be that unique piece in your closet that makes the outfit.“

The Denver Style team is very excited to be involved with the launch of Amy’s line in Denver’s own boutique, Whorl Shop! After some of our staff members received an early preview of her work, we are ecstatic to see her clothing in a store we know and love. Her line is definitely the perfect addition.

How do you think your pieces will fit in and add to the styles at Whorl?

“I LOVE this boutique, they have great taste in clothes, jewelry and I admire their desire to support local designers. The owners really think about the fit and fabric of the clothes they sell. They listen to customer feedback and want them to be comfortable and feel beautiful with everything they buy. I design based on fit and fabric and feel confident that the Whorl customers will be happy with my addition to Whorl Boutique.”


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In the future, Amy aspires to grow as a positive influence in the Denver fashion community. A long-term goal of hers is to hire a young team of designers, giving them the opportunity to create. “I have been lucky enough to have many amazing influences in my life and hope to pour out to others what I have been so lucky to have.” Amy expresses the importance of the “army behind you.” Her husband, friends and family are the support that pushes her foreword.

To wrap it up, here are a few little facts to help you get to know Amy a little better! “I am a business major, hairstylist, softball player and Coors light is my drink of choice! I was the little girl who was climbing trees in dresses, I pride myself in 14 hour Black Friday shopping trips (with my mom and sister #PowerTeam) and am an expert assistant in helping my dad hang drywall.”

For more information, check out her website at The Denver Style team will be at Whorl this Thursday at 6:00pm supporting Amy’s designer launch. Come by to chat, shop and support this wonderful designer!



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