American Made: The Classic Blue Jean

Jeans are so much more than denim. When many people think of American clothing, Levi’s may come to mind. Levi Strauss & Co invented the ‘Jean’ in 1853. This garment has been evolving ever since. The company started with a partnership between a dry goods owner and tailor. Their collaboration led to patenting their idea (clothing reinforced with rivets). Thus, creating the “Blue Jean”.

Originally jeans were specifically designed for miners, cowboys and factory workers. It wasn’t until the 60’s when jeans really started to become popular for everyday wear. It has transformed from thick-weighted work pants to casual jean trousers. This is recognized as a huge part of American culture.

Jeans are an American classic, staple and the most popular garment sold worldwide. It’s pretty incredible to see as the demand for unwanted twill cotton has changed. Now there are so many varieties, styles and washes that many of us own multiple pairs.

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The fit is defined with every label and brand, each claiming how their ‘jean’ is best. Though there are many opinions on the best jean, the truth is in the customers face. Each of us has had that moment when you put on the perfect pair of jeans. You feel good and look good and that we owe to great American-made Clothing.

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