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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to start by telling you all about our new blog segment ‘American Made’ I wanted to bring you an inside look at what American made really means. I will be uncovering American design by digging deep into some of our favorite national and local brands.



But first, what exactly is American made?

For the company it means integrity. The first step towards self-sustainability in the U.S. is to create jobs and restore the quality of American products. Every company is different but whether they are large or small they carry a big responsibility on their shoulders. Production is one of them. In the U.S. it is not an easy task and can be very expensive. Many companies/brands become accustom to outsourcing many tasks, skills and techniques to specialty factories in other countries to accelerate production. At first this was great but since then we have lost some of our skills and factories to support our own production. What this really means is that we lack the resources to operate production in the states. We are now stuck with trying to rebuild manufacturing facilities. This leads to expensive production, which leads to higher prices in goods.

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Though this seems like bad news for the customer it really isn’t. Here’s why!

When you buy American made you are supporting businesses that are established here in the U.S. The money we pay for the higher priced American goods are re-circulated into our economy helping us grow as a whole. That money supports the American brand, their workers, and their contractors along with anyone who had a part in creating that product. It’s pretty cool when you think about it.

So I challenge you (the consumer) to consider these points the next time you BUY American vs. the alternative. Would you rather buy a $15 tshirt at Walmart or spend $20 for a better quality tshirt from a small business, made in the U.S., which supports our country and perhaps even some of our local brands? If we back our own products we can eventually lower the production costs. American made items won’t have high prices forever if we show our support now.

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 Want More?

Every Thursday you can find more about American made brands. We will touch upon local brands and small businesses in a future post. Who do YOU want to hear about?


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