A Tidy Home in Just a Few Minutes a Day

It's quite hard to want to spend an entire afternoon or day tidying your house, especially as the weather gets warmer and it's more and more tempting to hit your favorite brunch spot on Saturday morning or to try a new Denver brewery on Sunday afternoon. Even though you might not enjoy spending hours cleaning on the weekend, you still know the stress of having disorder in your house, as well as the panic when someone drops by unannounced and your place isn’t looking its best. So how can you keep your home entertainment-ready and be able to find everything you need in a second, and yet not give up your weekends to tedious chores?

Instead of leaving all of your cleaning and tidying for Saturday or Sunday, break up all of your chores into bite-sized pieces, and check one of the list in just a few minutes a day. Spending a few minutes a day cleaning and organizing prevents the pile up, so you won’t have to do a major cleaning as frequently. I think you'll enjoy the freedom this will give you on the weekends to relax and have fun, while still feeling in control of your space.

Here's a schedule to try this week, but this is just a template. You will figure out which tasks you like to do when. For example, if you like to do food prep on Sundays for the week, you might want to make Sunday your day to clean the kitchen. If you notice midway through the week you are running out of sports bras, make sure you do your laundry in the middle of the week. You'll start to determine what needs to be done when, but try to knock out a chore a day to keep your home feeling great and to keep your schedule more open for what you really enjoy.

Sunday ||| Entryway

Make a catch-all entryway with hooks for coats, a place for keys, and a shoe rack to avoid tripping on things when you walk in the door. Every week put away items that don’t belong there, pack your bag for the work week and hang it by the door, and bring shoes back to your bedroom closet that have accumulated.

Monday ||| Laundry

To make catching up on laundry easier, separate your laundry basket or get a hamper with two sides for lights and darks. Then you can toss right in without separating items. Keep a laundry bag for dry cleaning as well and drop that off on your way to work.

Tuesday ||| Bedroom & Bathroom

Having a tidy bedroom is so centering and can even help you sleep better. Get into the daily habit of making your bed. This small ritual makes the whole room look put together. Hang up any clothes that are on the floor or on a chair, wipe down dresser and nightstands for dust, run a quick vacuum over the floor, and take any glasses down to the dishwasher. Same goes for the bathroom. Wipe down counters, clean the toilet, put out fresh towels and clean the mirror.

Wednesday ||| Workspace

In the middle of the week tidy up your workspace so it doesn’t get out of hand and impact your productivity. Recycle or shred any papers you no longer need, consolidate Post-Its and notes into your planner or on your calendar and wipe down your desk. You’ll feel more inspired to work in no time.

Thursday ||| Kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of the household. Throughout the week dishes pile up, food crumbs linger on the counter, and items that don’t belong in the kitchen at all seem to be hanging out there. So Thursday morning or evening, wash dishes and load the dishwasher, clear off the counters and wipe them down, take stock of the fridge and make a shopping list for anything you need for the next week, and wipe down appliances with a rag.

Friday ||| Living Room

In preparation for the weekend, get your living room tidy Friday so you can enjoy it on Saturday and Sunday. Recycle magazines, fold throw blankets, wipe down the coffee table, and fluff up your couch pillows. You’ll be ready for the girls to come over for wine and cheese in a moment’s notice.

Saturday ||| Closet

While you are getting dressed for brunch, take a quick scan of your wardrobe and pull out anything you aren't currently wearing. Consider getting rid of anything you can’t see yourself wearing in the future, or set a time limit for you to wear it. I like to keep a donation box or bag somewhere in the house so when I come across items I don’t want I pull them out and then take the box or bag to donate when it’s full. Make sure all of your clothes are hanging the same direction in the closet, put away any laundry, and maybe even plan out some outfits for the upcoming week.

If you start doing a little tidying everyday, you won’t have to waste your weekends cleaning the house form top to bottom. It feels like less work when it’s broken up into smaller pieces. Find a schedule that works for you and stick with it. Your house will look great, and you will be ready to accept impromptu weekend plans without hesitation.