A New Take on Denver Tradition, A Christmas Carol

The musical, A Christmas Carol, is a long standing tradition in Denver. Every year, families from all around the city get together to watch this wonderful musical. Although I happen to be a Jew and A Christmas Carol is about Christmas, there's so much more meaning behind it. The entire musical has hidden messages throughout that can be meaningful to anyone. So since this is such an amazing musical, I figured that I'd learn a little bit more about everything that goes into it.

First off, how long has it been running?

The Denver Center Theatre Company has been doing the production, A Christmas Carol, since 1990 (with a few gap years). As of 2005, Bruce K. Sevy has directed the current version of the musical.

Next, who does the costuming?

Kevin Copenhaver is the designer of the 108 costumes in the production.

And I had to know, are all the actors and kids local talent?

The child actors are all local talent. And as with all of the productions, the adult cast is a mixture of actors that reside in Denver and that have auditioned in New York. 

How long has Scrooge played that role?

Philip Pleasants (our Scrooge) has been performing Scrooge at the DCPA for a decade. This will be his final year of performing in A Christmas Carol. Next year his understudy, Sam Gregory, will be taking over the role. While Philip is retiring from A Christmas Carol, he is not retiring from acting.

How many performances are there per season?

A Christmas Carol will be running Tuesday-Sunday from November 27-December 27.

Well, since I'm Teen FASHION Takeover, of course I had to find some way to tie A Christmas Carol into my wardrobe! I started by picking out a few of my favorite characters from the musical and their best looks. I then took to H&M.com to find some pieces inspired by these characters.

The first look is inspired by the man himself, Scrooge. I paired a black tuxedo coat with a white shirt and jeans in order to recreate Scrooge's outfit in a more modern manner.



This next look is inspired by the Ghost of Christmas Past. I paired a white faux fur coat with jeans and some pink hair puffballs to give the ghost's outfit a modern twist.



This is one of my favorite outfits which is actually inspired by the children of A Christmas Carol. I paired a grey wool cape and a plaid scarf to recreate the children's looks.


The final look is inspired by the Ghost of Christmas Present. I found a fabulous orange faux fur coat and a green lace dress which perfectly emulate the ghost.



Here's a few important things to remember about A Christmas Carol:

Value all of the important things life has to offer, money isn't everything.

Learn from others' past mistakes as well as yours.

Be grateful for what you have.

And finally, don't live to work, instead work to live!

XoXo - Penn

P.S. Happy Holidays! <3

Thank you to Hope Grandon, PR & Event Manager for the Denver Center of the Performing Arts for providing information. 

Clothing from H&M:

Orange Faux Fur Coat $149

White Faux Fur Jacket $69.99

Hair Pom Poms $4.99

Green Lace Dress $39.99

Plaid Scarf $12.99

Black Tuxedo Coat $59.99

Wool blend Cape $69.99

Photography by Noah Berg   www.noahbergphotography.com