Intern Diaries: A Fresh Start

Driving over 1,500 miles to start an internship in a new city may seem intimidating to some, but I was overwhelmed with excitement. Each day, I have a breathtaking, snow-covered mountain range staring back at me on my drive to work. For me, moving out here for the summer was a no-brainer. After visiting Colorado multiple times for family vacations, I knew that this is where I would want to live. The atmosphere, people and culture are incredible and I am learning more about myself each and every day. After just over a month after arriving in Denver, my heart is already set on the Mile High City. Working as an editorial intern at Denver Style has not only helped further my love for the fashion industry, but it has allowed me to experience a different side of the media field. (Side note, I am a Public Relations Major at Valparaiso University and have interned at a boutique PR agency.)

The magazine has given me many opportunities. For example, I frequently am invited to trendy poolside fashion shows, trunk shows, pop-up shops, salon openings, boutique soirees, etc. in order to provide local Denver fashion and beauty companies with coverage through our online magazine blog. Having the ability to have my writing published on the website is a fabulous takeaway. Plus, I am meeting so many fresh faces in the Denver fashion community.

In addition to my internship with Denver Style, I am also an employee at Common Era boutique, a local clothing store with locations in both Denver and Boulder. Being able to visit both cities on a weekly basis is a huge perk! I love having the opportunity to grow my personal style and help others to do the same.

Though Denver is not solely a city focused on fashion (just yet), it is amazing to watch the evolution of Denver Style and see how the fashion industry in Denver is rapidly rising. I have already made some amazing friends and mingled with forward-thinking individuals who are helping shape the Denver fashion scene. I am more than excited to continue to spend my time at both Denver Style and Common Era and can’t wait to see where the rest of the summer leads me.