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Saying Goodbye to Pretty Little Liars

Life inspiration can come from anywhere, including a tv show. Blank Canvas Fashion shares how a show changed his career.

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Finding 1940s Fashion in Denver

Khyentse George,1940โ€™s Ball Creator, Producing Director, Marketing & PR Director Khyentse George is the Creator, Producing Director, and Marketing & PR Director for the 1940โ€™s Ball. The 1940โ€™s Ball is a nonprofit organization that produces two annual events, the 1940โ€™s WWII Era Ball and the 1940โ€™s White Christmas Ball. All net proceeds support our veteran heroes and the preservation of aviation history.

The mission of the 1940โ€™s Ball is to create community and cultural connections that cross generations, genres and borders through celebrating the music, dance and culture of the 1940โ€™s. Georgeโ€™s inspiration can be traced back to the 1940โ€™s when her grandparents met at a Pennsylvania radio station (WCDL Carbondale). Her grandmother was a singer and her grandfather became an announcer upon his return from World War II duty. Years later, their love story inspired Jamesโ€™ passionate interest in the culture and music of the era that brought her grandparents together. It was when George was working at the Boulder Airport and earning her pilotโ€™s license that she got the idea to hold an event in the large hangar to celebrate that culture.

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