Intern Diaries: Enter Through The Door, a Tale of Self Discovery

When I first joined the Denver Style team it was with the intent of figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I had been out of school for a semester and I thought I knew what I was good at, but I was afraid of committing to another school with a career in mind and then hating the path I had put myself on once again. Becoming an intern for Denver Style was a great way for me to dip my toes in the sand (so to speak) and figure out if event planning was something that I was actually passionate about. I figured I would plan a couple events and learn a few things and then be set to go back to school. As with all things in life however, things did not work out how I thought they would. Only this time it was not in a bad way! I’ve been with Denver Style for close to four months now, and I have learned so much about myself For example, after attending a couple of events I’ve learned that I’m very good at looking like I am apart of any event staff, and directing people to important places like entrances and bathrooms. I am also very good at fielding mass amounts of emails, which I had not previously had the opportunity to figure out. I’m excellent at signing people in, and looking like I know what I’m doing even though there’s a constant loop of “what’s going on” playing inside my head.

I took this opportunity with one specific career set in mind, but it’s revealed in me so many more skills than I thought I possessed. So if you get the chance to join a new team and gain some experience, don’t be afraid to take it! It might not prove what you wanted it to, but it could end up giving you a job guiding people. Even if it is just to the entrance of a hidden building, like our studio.