5 Tips to Surviving as an Intern

Hey guys! So this series was supposed to start last weekend but, in true intern-life form, I ran out of time. Being an intern can be stressful, exhilarating and exhausting regardless of what industry you are in, and working for Denver Style Magazine is no different. We have our goofy moments, our times when we want to pull our hair out and the moments when nothing seems to go according to plan. Admittedly it's always worth it! That's why we are starting this series, so Sam and I can share those funny and stressful moments with our readers as well as other tid bits of information.

5 Tips to Surviving as an Intern 

1. You Have a Brain, Put It to Good Use

I put this as number one because I think it's the most important to remember. As an intern you are most likely entry-level and you may feel like you don't have a darn clue what is going on. But do not undervalue yourself, you've made it this far in life and you've got at least a little bit of street smarts. It's okay to need some direction and feel free to ask for it, but sometimes you just need to pull up those grown-up pants and figure it out!

2. Organization is Your New Best Friend

As a DSM intern I operate off of three calendars: the DSM Google Calendar, my Sunrise calendar app and my weekly planner book. Not to mention I also use AnyDo to create daily to do lists.  The time of "Oh I'll remember it later" is long gone and it's time to get down to business. Purchase yourself a good planner/notebook and download a calendar app that you are able to share with necessary co-workers and your employer. Plus you get to look super fancy and busy with your new planner! I suggest looking at Target and Barnes & Noble, they tend to have some good ones.

3. Yes Your Boss is Crazy, It's a Good Thing

Make no mistake, Heather and Kelsey are Crazy, and notice that is Crazy with a capital "C". But I am happy to say, it's the good kind of crazy! Heather babbles off lists of things to do faster than you have time to grab a pen, and Kelsey has a ton of valuable info locked away in her brain, but you have to figure out how to get it out. These ladies are possibly the most driven people I have ever met, but when you have bosses like that, it can leave you feeling like your are eternally trying to catch up. Fear not little intern, you will get used to it and it is okay to ask someone to go a little slower or for more direction. Take advantage of being able to learn from someone with the amount of experience and drive they do, and know that you are not alone!

4. Carry Snacks, Business Cards and An Internet Connection...At All Times

I am the girl who always has food in my bag: granola bars, almonds, pretzel sticks, you name it. I am the girl who also always has some sort of business cards in my bag. Networking is an invaluable skill for an intern to have. If you are a shy and quiet person, I suggest you practice introducing yourself to people because an internship is a perfect opportunity to meet to people and make new friends who you may otherwise not have met. The snacks are important because, hey you never know when you will get hungry!

5. Go With the Flow and Have Fun

Last but never least, enjoy yourself! Hopefully you intern with a company you like and a staff you are happy to be a part of. Enjoy your time, learn as much as you can, grow as an individual and relax. When you feel overwhelmed or under-appreciated, take a breath and remove yourself from the situation for a moment.

You're going to do great!



Ariana / Social Media and Events Coordinator