5 Things We Learned from Our Industry Meetup on PR

Our second Industry Meetup of the year focused on the basics of business PR. We were joined by Jordan Blakesley from B Public Relations, Johanna Ladis from Feed Media and Kuvy Ax from Root PR. The group spoke on topics ranging from the difference between PR, marketing and advertising to working with bloggers and influencers. Here’s five big take aways we learned from last night.

  1. There's a difference between PR and advertising! Advertising is you paying to say you're good, PR is someone else saying you're good. PR keeps you "shiny" and at the top of people's minds.
  2. To start your PR strategy, first identify what makes you special or interesting and what story you're telling - not what makes you "better!" Everyone thinks they're the best; you need to find another angle.
  3. To prepare for a crisis, have a team strategy that includes not talking to the media right away and directing all questions to an email address. Saying "I don't know. Let me take your name and number and get back to you" is a much better answer than "No comment." Don't appear on camera because you'll be nervous and say too much. And prepare for the unknown crisis, like a car running through a restaurant (which really happened to one of our PR pros!)
  4. Press Releases should only be used for major announcements and most don't get read. It's better to research media outlets you love and send them short pitches first.
  5. Treat influencers (bloggers, Instagrammers, etc) as media. They are doing the same thing for your brand, just doing it a little differently. Invite them to your events, the same as media.

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