Meaning/ Trend

Meaning/ Trend
 Jewelry is one of my favorite things. I love that it can add something extra to an outfit or that it can be the focal point of an outfit. I have a scary amount of jewelry, everything from body chains to small stud earrings. My favorite pieces though are the ones that have meaning, whether it’s my grandmother’s wedding band, the Irish Claddagh ring I’ve had since I was 13 years old, or the turquoise bracelets my mom had made for me as a college graduation gift. In my opinion, the pieces that have meaning are the ones that never get old, never get lost, and look good with everything.

Some of my favorite pieces cc: Kelly Droz

My parents gave me my grandmother’s wedding band for my 20th birthday. I had been asking for it for a while, and they always told me they would give it to me when I was ready. Apparently when I turned 20 I was ready. I asked my parents why they gave me her ring and they said I have her spunk, her moxie. Since I don’t remember my grandmother it means so much to me that that is why they chose to give me something that was so special to her. That ring means so much to me, and every time I need a little extra oomph or I’m doing something important I put that ring on and it gives me exactly what I need. It does’t hurt that it’s beautiful ands some sparkle to my hand.


I have had my Irish Claddagh ring for nine years. That is a long time to have a piece of jewelry that isn’t a wedding ring, and wear it almost every day. My ring has broken, and been repaired, twice, has been the inspiration to my favorite tattoo, and has travelled to Europe with me. It’s actually a miracle I haven’t lost it (knock on wood). My aunt gave my this ring when I was in eighth grade. I don’t quite remember the occasion but I remember immediately falling in love with it and the idea of the Claddagh. The Claddagh is an Irish symbol meaning love, friendship, and loyalty. Wear the point of the heart facing your own heart and it means your heart is taken, flip it around and it means you are looking for love. I’ve worn this ring for nine years, flipped the heart around a few times, and never taken it off for more than a week. It reminds me of my Irish heritage but also puts what’s important into perspective: Love, Friendship, and Loyalty.

Claddagh Ring and Tattoo cc: Kelly Droz

I love gemstones. I think they are absolutely beautiful, and I love stories and superstitions around them. I have especially loved turquoise but was worried to wear it because of one superstition claiming that if you aren’t mentally strong enough to wear it you will have horrible nightmares. It probably sounds silly to some people but, like my grandmother, I am a very superstitious person. I held off wearing (real) turquoise until my parents got me three custom made bracelets for my college graduation. Since then, I have hardly take them off. My parents giving them to me showed me that they thought I was strong enough to withstand the powerful stone. And luckily I have been nightmare free.

My Turquoise Bracelets cc: Kelly Droz

These pieces of jewelry are all special to me in their own way. I can’t quite explain to anyone the power I feel when I put them on or the discomfort I feel when they’re missing. They have all become a part of who I am, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. All jewelry is good jewelry, and I don’t think you could ever have too much, but for me, the meaningful pieces always outweigh the trendy pieces. While I’m sure there will be other pieces of jewelry that will mean the world to me, these pieces have gotten me through a lot and reminded me what’s important, and what I’m capable of. I hope all of you have pieces of jewelry that you treasure and that mean the world to you!