Urban Artistic Shine with O.A.W

Author: Tonoa L. Manuel of Sugar~N~Spice Lifestyle || Photograph By: Pablo Irizarry of Pure Elements Photography

Vision, passion, and creation all illustrates carefree, spectacular, molded individuals who believe that art is a form of them, their spirit, their soul. Tapping into ones perspective allows expression of their story to be told to the world. Gives chance, grooms people to believe in themselves and seek greatness past their wildest imagination. Artistic expression merely captures the imaging in which one believes deeply in, its deeper than the pastels, paints, and canvas; its perspective.

Here in Colorado we are privileged everyday to meet amazing individuals that are willing to open their heart, mind, body, and spirit to the pure beauty of what a paint brush or pencil can create.

A few weeks ago Sugar~N~Spice was privileged to link up with one of our very own, Steven Phillips; creator of Original Art Work. When speaking with Steven you could tell right away how deep his passion runs, you could see it in his eyes, his speech, his explanation.

Check out how the interview went: 

Manuel- What were your inspirations for the designs you have created over the years? What about your current art work motivates you to continue to produce quality work?

Phillips- I draw my inspiration from within. I will either reflect on a past experience, or will come to a creative idea through conversation. I pride myself on personal growth. As I continue to learn and become more consistent in my everyday life, it will naturally translate into my artwork

Manuel- With your product what are you looking to change about the fashion/art industry that we currently don’t see on the market now?

Phillips- I’m not looking to change anything. My passion is not fashion. I am passionate about creating. I will continue to push my brand as a way to motivate other artist to monetize their work.

Manuel- Why Orig?

Phillips- Orig is derived from Origin. The birth or creation of O.A.W. is not a new idea. I’m not revolutionizing the industry. This is the start of my journey. Original Art birthed from me.

Manuel- Fashion’s current, most influential people are united in their unwavering individuality, do you consider yourself to be an influential person, why?


Phillips- Yes, as my brand is tailored toward the individual. Those of us daring enough to take risks and stand out from the norm. I want to motivate people to be themselves and see their own greatness. Manuel- Many people are always looking to give back to their communities; if and when the opportunity ever arises how will you give back to your community of supporters?

Phillips- I’m building a brand that can support the community now and later. I want Original Art Work to be outlet for creativity of all kinds. I am collaborating with different artists of different creative backgrounds to show support and I would ultimately love to be able to create an environment for the youth to experiment with creativity and artistic business paths.

Manuel- What’s Next for OAW?

Phillips- A new canvas every week. This will open the doors to connect and collaborate with new people  create new products.Art speaks where words are unable to explain-what will your next expression be?

To check out more about O.A.W. please visit them on the web at http://www.unboxoaw.com or on any of the following social media platforms: Instagram @origoaw and Facebook @origaow. Believe, Be Humble, Be Love Tonoa