Guest of Honor

Look crisp, feel comfortable, and make a style statement at any upcoming event you're attending. Invited or not.

Written by: John Chapman IV, Men's Style Educator @johnchapmanthefourth

Photographed by: Evens Leandre, @elphotography13

Model: Delroy Gill, @delroyworkhardgill

Photographed on Location at Hotel Monaco Denver, @monacodenver

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It really is all in the details.

BBQ Basics

Show off your relaxed style in seersuckers and a colorful tee. Play with patterned socks or jewelry for a fun and youthful look.

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break the rules

Rules are meant to broken, especially when black tie is optional. Stand out with simple color combinations, tailored fits and matching accessories.

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Celebration style

Be prepared to have a great time in smooth comfort. A seasonal sport jacket paired with a lightweight polo and clean light colored pants speaks "smooth and ready to play."

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All out

If you are summoned to wear a tuxedo, do it. Keep a well fitted tuxedo in your closet for those 'just in case' times and keep your shoes shiny. Accessories such as cufflinks, bow tie and plain pocket square are the extras that will make you the talk of the ball.

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