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Manus Supply Production Gallery Openings & Hand in Hand, a publication SS19...

  • Manus Supply 1 Galapago Street Denver, CO 80223 (map)

Get your minds and bodies ready for Manus Supply’s Production Gallery Soft Opening and Hand in Hand, a publication SS19 Volume 1 Publication Release during Santa Fe Art District’s First Friday Art Walk on Friday, May 3rd from 5 PM to 9 PM and Grand Opening on Friday, May 10th, 2019 from 5 PM to 9 PM. On May 3rd & 10th, we will have 2 special presentations discussing concepts on sustainable design and business practices with fair ethics from nonprofit organizations, UNICEF & Warmipura. Our first presentation, starting at 6 PM MT, will be from Alejandra Colmenero, Founder & Leader of UNICEF Unite: Denver discussing the current issues on hand with fighting human trafficking and child labor, while optimizing on fairtrade implementation in the global UNICEF program. To follow, Fiorella Amado, Founder of Warmipura Peru, will be sharing the experience working as partners with weaver women from the Andes in the sacred valley of Incas Peru; more information will be available in the Volume 1 of Hand in Hand, a publication. Later that evening, local musician Random Temple will be playing unreleased content from his upcoming EP live on our Production Gallery starting at 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Please join us for a glass of beer and/or wine and learning about the push towards enhancing the conscious circular economy movement in the heart of the US, Denver, CO.

About Manus Supply Production Gallery

Manus Supply is excited to announce that we will be moving into Altieri Studios in the historic Baker neighborhood. The Altieri Studios was previously a custom musical instrument bag production space for composite photographer Donna Altieri turned photography studio, and now, Manus Supply’s new home. Manus Supply’s Production Gallery will be suited with industrial sewing equipment provided by Ralph’s Industrial Sew and Fashion Design Center Denver to meet the needs for any design and apparel project with a stitch in it, while hosting artist communities’ visual artwork. Owner & Head Designer, Khiember Luangphithack, and her team will be working on customized design projects such as wardrobe designs for local musicians and artists to small batch productions for emerging and existing brands. All designs and concepts will be introduced and previewed in Hand in Hand, a publication SS19 Volume 1. The Production Gallery will be hosting its first visual artist, Hallie Packard of New York City from May to September with her artwork to be displayed alongside Manus Supply’s tools, spools, and fabrics utilized to create custom pieces to luxury lifestyle collections.

Prior to moving into the Manus Supply Production Gallery, the company operated out of shared maker space, Denver Design Incubator and Converge Denver, both 501c(3) nonprofit organizations. Zero-waste design concepts were created for Boulder-based brand, Glenn + Glenn, a women’s luxury lifestyle brand; alterations for RiNo’s MAM Couture Boutique out of RiNo; Brand Therapy for Denver Design Incubator, Chelsea Turano, and other brands; and PR & Sales for Allison Nicole Designs. Visit our clients page to learn more about our past and current projects.

If you would like Manus Supply to lend you a hand with your designs or concepts, please email Follow us hand in hand in Instagram @manussupply @khiemberluangphi or on Facebook at Manus Supply.

About Hallie Packard & Her Work

“Hallie Packard's works depict a place nostalgic and foreign—comfortable and untouchable at once. A place through which the presence of humanity echoes, but from a source that has long since expired. Man-made relics interact with the natural world, confirming the question of previous human existence and conforming to—even mutating to become one with—the wildly organic environment surrounding them. As reminders of the wonder that abounds and the respect it deserves, these works are dedicated to rediscovering and cultivating the magic of this world.” -Hallie Packard

“The morning sun projects the day onto waking eyelids. In an instant, you are here. A tickle in the corner of consciousness brings a faint memory of a place. The tickle becomes an itch. The mind stretches furiously, straining to retrace steps, to push back into that otherworldly yet unsettlingly familiar “place.” Just as pieces begin to re-materialize, something slips and it all vanishes completely from beneath your feet. For a split second, you hover between two worlds. For a split second, it all comes back.”

Introduction to Warmipura

Warmipura is an organization that seeks to connect women so that through the exchange of skills we generate sustainable ventures, economic independence, respecting our cultural differences. Together, as partners!


Connecting women to develop together our skills in search of opportunities to bridge the gap of inequality.


Equal opportunities for women, in which each one can use their skills to generate sustainable work opportunities and thus build self-confidence to defend their rights and make their own decisions.


We believe that each person possesses unique abilities and talents, that can be cultivated to become a source of income for themselves and their families. We believe that together, women can create new opportunities and improve the quality of life of women and communities world wide.

UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) Unite:Denver

UNICEF Unite: Denver is one of 17 national chapters with members are front-line advocates here in the United States on behalf of children around the world. UNICEF UNITE brings supporters together to amplify children’s voices and help effect change both here and abroad. Our primary goals are to advocate, fundraise, learn, and build community. In Denver, we accomplish our goals by training our members on how to engage with our Congressmen/women, hosting events to support UNICEF’s work; both fundraisers and to raise awareness, and creating team building activities to cultivate relationships with team members and our community.


Alejandra Colmenero has been a volunteer with UNICEF USA since the year 2011. Through her active involvement with the organization, she strives to raise awareness on the fight against human trafficking, and create a better world for the most vulnerable children. She has participated and engaged her community in UNICEF campaigns such as the End Trafficking Campaign, Tap Water Project, Live Below The Line, and Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF, and has led community members to engage with Members of Congress advocating for kids around the world.

In 2013, Alejandra became founder and president of the second UNICEF Campus Initiative Chapter in Colorado, and the first one in Denver; UNICEF at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. A few years later, she became founder and leader of the first UNICEF Unite team in our state, and 11th team in the nation. Alejandra hopes to mobilize and inspire community members in support of UNICEF’s work.